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Giftset "Care box"

Giftset "Care box"

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A bouquet of flowers is always a delight and emotion. But it is so cool when these impressions can be prolonged, so any flowers need good care. 

1. Cut the stems as soon as you bring the flowers home and are going to put them in a vase because even if they are cut by our florist, the tips will have time to dry out while they get home.

2. Clean the stems from the leaves, so that there is nothing unnecessary in the water.

3. Add 1 bag of Flower Food, it helps kill germs and keep the water fresher, but if you already change the water in your flowers every day - then it's not really needed.

And repeat all these steps every day. Our Giftset "Care Box" will be a great helper as it contains a small, very sharp and handy stem trimmer, a week's supply of Flower Food, Vase. 

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