Join the Luna Flowers Club

Hey! Are you a flower lover? Silly question - you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t! As all flower-lovers know, flowers make the best gifts, are the sweetest form of self-care, and add that magic little something to any space. That’s why we started the Wild Flower Club! A place for you to get flowers regularly and at a discount.



1. Choose Your Flowers

Customize your blooms in a bunch of ways - size, paper or vase, color - oh my!

2. Choose Your Frequency

Pick weekly, bi-weekly, or every four weeks to have blooms ready for you on the reg.

3. Choose Pickup or Delivery

Pick up on a day and time that is convenient for you or let your blooms arrive straight to your home or office door!

4. Enjoy your flowers

Enjoy your flowers!


Being a Wild Flower comes with a bunch of rad perks:

Ease! Set up your subscription an let us take care of the rest


- off your recurring flower order - every time!

- off any additional flower order - wanna send an arrangement for your friend’s birthday? Get 10% off! Orrrrrr, sign them up for a subscription. Just sayin’

- off our gift shop - cards, candles, dried flowers and more!

- off workshops, events, parties, etc.

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